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Ashbridge is a collection of Ash wood that has been specifically selected for these poles, it is finished in a way that allows the beauty of the grain to show through.

The natural beauty of Ash is enhanced by a choice of six colours made from a paint and powder combination to deliver a lustrous finish that compliments both classic and modern settings alike.

Ashbridge is a celebration of British heritage built on attention to detail, from the selection of wood used to the designs and colour finishes.

The six finial designs draw inspiration from stately homes & British gardens with influences including Neo-Classical Rococo & William Morris.

Combining these unique designs & finishes the collection brings a modern-day twist to classically inspired designs.

While the most decorative finials are cast from a solid resin mould to deliver intricate detailing, the Chatsworth finial is carved from Solid Ash.

The finials available are:

Kew, Botanical, Claremont, Tatton, Seizincote and Chatsworth.

The colours available are:

Parchment White, Heritage Grey, Champagne Gold, Gold over White, Baroque Silver and Baroque Gold.

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