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Jones Cipolla Tieback & Trimmings

Cippola Tiebacks and Trimmings are the latest collection created by Jones Interiors. The Cippola trimming has an hourglass shape with a sophisticated palette. The elegant trimming puts a grown-up spin on the traditional pom pom fringe whilst still adding the element of fun. This trimming can be used to decorate

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Advent Designs 35mm Traditional Painted Wood Curtain Poles

Advent Designs 35mm Traditional Painted Curtain Poles from Advent Designs. This manufacture are focusing on a carefully number of designs and finishes, all taken from the well respected “Advent Collection”. Advent curtain poles are Hardwood and handcrafted in the UK by a leading designer and manufacturer in this field, at

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Hallis Colour Passion Trends Tiebacks and Trimmings

Colour Passion Trends Tiebacks and Trimmings by Hallis Colour Passion Trends by Hallis is a stunning collection of tonal tiebacks and co-ordinating trimmings. With a choice of beautiful colours to perfectly compliment and enhance your chosen decor scheme. The collection includes: Two sizes of rope tiebacks. Cord, Flanged Cord, Pom

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Hallis Highland Tiebacks & Trimmings

Highland Tiebacks and Trimmings by Hallis Hudson

Highland Tiebacks and Trimmings The Highland Tiebacks and Trimmings are a beautiful and opulent collection of tiebacks with co-ordinating key tassels and trimmings including braid, cord and tassel fringe. The Highland Collection will not fail to give your window dressings and soft furnishings the ‘wow’ factor. The tiebacks are sold

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Radiance Tiebacks and Trimmings

Radiance Tiebacks and Trimmings Radiance Tiebacks and Trimmings are created by Hallis. These tiebacks can add a touch of decadence to your soft furnishings with this beautiful collection of tiebacks and trimmings available in stunning, modern colours. The Radiance tiebacks are a beautiful tassel with a range of co-ordinating trimmings

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Antoinette Tiebacks & Trimmings

Antoinette Tiebacks & Trimmings Antoinette tiebacks and trimmings collection revisits the opulence and grandeur of the past and the splendour of palaces such as Versailles. Not to mention that this will create a royal collection with a contemporary take on classic elegance. Antoinette tiebacks and trimmings are detailed and perfected

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