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Radiance Tiebacks and Trimmings

Radiance Tiebacks and Trimmings Radiance Tiebacks and Trimmings are created by Hallis. These tiebacks can add a touch of decadence to your soft furnishings with this beautiful collection of tiebacks and trimmings available in stunning, modern colours. The Radiance tiebacks are a beautiful tassel with a range of co-ordinating trimmings

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Antoinette Tiebacks & Trimmings

Antoinette Tiebacks & Trimmings Antoinette tiebacks and trimmings collection revisits the opulence and grandeur of the past and the splendour of palaces such as Versailles. Not to mention that this will create a royal collection with a contemporary take on classic elegance. Antoinette tiebacks and trimmings are detailed and perfected

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Acanthus Vintage by Alison Davies 45mm Wood Curtain Poles

Alison Davies Acanthus Vintage 45mm Wood Curtain Poles by Alison Davies. The Acanthus Vintage collection is a charming collection of beautiful, elegant and affordable curtain poles embracing elements of romantic French architectural design in sophisticated colour finishes that evoke a sense of the richly worn textures of French country interiors Alison

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