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We offer the largest selection of top quality brand name curtain poles, curtain tracks and soft furnishing accessories in the UK. We have a HUGE choice from leading manufacturers such as Advent Designs, Alison Davies, Artisan, Byron and Byron, Bradley, Cameron Fuller, Hallis Hudson, Opus Studio, Harrison Drape, Integra, Kestrel, Jones, Galleria, Museum, Silent Gliss, Swish, Sunflex, Resina Designs, Walcot House, Rolls & Speedy,

Jones Reef and Monte Carlo Rope Curtain Tiebacks

The Jones Reef and Monte Carlo Rope Curtain Tiebacks are a lovely collection of twisted rope tiebacks which are available in an extensive array of colour shades that will enhance your curtains. You can twist two or three colours together to create a unique and individual look. These tiebacks are

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Jones Florentine Rope Curtain Tiebacks & Trimmings

The Jones Florentine Tieback and Trimming Collection is a sumptuous collection of grandeur trimmings and tiebacks. This extensive range includes three tieback styles, rosettes, key tassels and beautiful, co-ordinating trims and braids. The large tiebacks are available in Beige, Bronze, Duckegg, Gold, Jewel, Lavender, Mushroom, Chalk Pink, Sky, Terracotta and

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Jones Coastal Tieback and Trimming Collection

The Jones Coastal Tiebacks and Trimmings Collection is a beautiful range of tiebacks, braid and fringe with natural yarns of Cotton, Linen and Jute giving a light, breezy charm for an all year summery feel. Caution: Beaded products are not a toy and may contain components that could detach or

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Jones Enchantment Tieband & Trimming Collection

The Enchantment tieband and trimming collection have the Temptation and Tantalise tiebacks which are a pretty, delicate collection of tiebands that have a co-ordinating trim that will add glamour and elegance to your window dressing. Particularly suited for use with voiles and lightweight curtains. Caution: Beaded products are not a

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Jones Interlude Curtain Rope Tieback & Trimming Collection

The Jones Interlude Tiebacks and Trimmings collection is a sophisticated collection of grandeur trimmings and tiebacks. This range includes two style tiebacks, pendants, key tassels and coordinating trims and braids which include a Pom Pom fringe and Tassel fringe. Caution: Beaded products are not a toy and may contain components

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Jones Tiffany Tiebacks & Swarovski Trimmings

The Jones Tiffany Tieback and Swarovski Trimmings and Buttons is a striking and glamorous collection. The tiebacks of brilliance adorned with the best quality Swarovski crystals. The Swarovski trim can be used to decorate pelmets, blinds, lampshades,. The buttons are perfect for the opulent deep buttoned headboards, furniture and pelmets.

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