About Just Poles

Welcome to the Just Sew Interiors and Just Poles Blog.

Here you will find out about all of the happenings around the Justpoles.com website and the Justsew interiors retail shop, with regular updates to help all of our customer past and present and also just to give free professional advice.

Justpoles and  Just Sew is a family run business, and owned by Andrew and Lynn Oliver.

Lynn Oliver– Lynn started her career as a sewing machinist for a major clothing manufacture and became a very highly skilled machinist, from there she progressed to a Work Study engineer, then her carreer changed direction and Lynn became a Senior Garment Technologist and helped run factories and introduce style and line changes. In her spare time Lynn would make wedding and bridesmaid dresses and found this to be a rewarding pass time and produced some stunning outfits.

Approx 20 years ago Lynn took a career break to start a family, but due to family and friends persistence it was not long before Lynn was making soft furnishings and curtains for them all. Due to her skill and aptitude Lynn found that the curtains that were on the market in surrounding areas were greatly substandard to hers and found that local interior designers were finding out about her and requesting make up services. As the word spread Lynn found herself making soft furnishings for home builders such as Bellway Homes,Cousins Homes and also general public orders were becoming fast  and furious, at this point Lynn then started the venture of Just Sew in the Houghton business Center. Lynn was a workshop holder her from 2002 up til March 2009 when the new era started and the Just sew interiors shop was opened.

Andrew Oliver– Andrew started his career as a fabricator in the engineering business, a far cry from the soft furnishing business, but due to his skill in manufacturing soon progressed to team leader level then finally to Supervisor, and at one time was overseeing a full engineering workshop. As Lynn became busier and requiring a fitting service Andrew found himself  needed in two places at the same time, and finialy made the break to work full time in the family business. As Andrew has the engineering background this has also put him in good stead to be the bay window specialist and oversees all of the made to measure curtain pole bending services.

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