Voyage Kyoto Gardens Fabrics

Kyoto Gardens inspiration is from the elegant and organic forms that are shown in oriental landscapes.

This harmonious and opulent collection radiates modern luxury.

With bold styling and a contemporary colour palette. Kyoto Gardens is perfect for a spectrum of sophisticated interior schemes.

Whichever design you choose from this collection, they will go perfectly together.


Firstly, Amida is a printed fabric that is simple yet effortlessly stylish, this striking composition of fan shaped palm leaves.

Secondly, Azima is a printed velvet that has a confident composition of painterly brush strokes in a fluid spectrum of bold jewel tones.

Thirdly, Cranes has elegant Japanese cranes poised gracefully in this enchanting design.

Next, Kanto is a printed fabric with a calming elegance, that is captured in this beautiful inky painting.

Kiso is a textural, crisscross chevron design.

After that, Koi Carp is a printed fabric that has ornamental Koi Carp that swirl peacefully.

Kyoto is a printed fabric with an idyllic oriental garden scene. Painted with an expressive contemporary Toile de Jouy.

Mizuna is a printed fabric with an evocative design of feathery dancing leaves. The striking statement pattern is in a palette of magnificent colours.

Another design, Nara is a printed fabric with delicate elegant forms that float effortlessly in this enchanting trailing composition.

Nikko is a printed velvet that has a majestic damask design in a moody hues.

Nippon is a printed fabric that is harmonious and sophisticated. Transport into nature by this elegantly composed woodland canopy design.

Lastly, Topia is a printed fabric that has a playful arrangement of organic forms and flowing lines captured in vibrant hues.

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