Wemyss Aros Fabric Collection


Aros is a collection of chic fabric that is woven with a lustre yarn, suitable for all end uses.

Aros is a collection is a heavily textured plain design with a large choice of colours to choose from.

The colours available are:

Aluminium, Apricot, Blue Haze, Blue Topaz, Burnt Orange, Chestnut, Chinchilla, Crimson, Dark Slate, Dusk Blue, Dusk, Feather Grey, Gold, Ivory, Ivy, Latte, Linen, Marzipan, Metal, Oatmeal, Oyster, Pewter, Poppy Red, Red Rose, Silver, Snowdrop, Spice, Tarragon, Taupe, Teak, Teal, Tigerlilly, Walnut and Zinc.

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