Wemyss Riga Fabric Collection


Riga is a collection of rich and sumptuous velvets.

Riga is available in an array of colours which are perfect for any room.

Riga is suitable for curtains, cushions, upholstery and pelmets.

Riga incorporates FibreGuard technology which is an advanced finish that helps to protect against spills and stains without having to resort to specialist cleaning.

The colours available are:

Bluebell, Chocolate, Cloud, Cobalt, Dusk, Fog, Fox, Frost, Garnet, Herb, Indigo, Jungle, Kingfisher, Linen, Mauve, Medal, Metal, Midnight, Natural, Onyx, Peony, Putty, Rabbit, Ruby, Seaspray, Silver, Slate, Spruce, Strawberry, String and Turquoise.

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