Wooden Curtain Poles

Wooden Curtain Poles are an essential part of any home décor.

They come in many different styles and sizes, and can be used in almost every room

Wooden poles are usually made from Ash, and various mixes of FSC woods

Ash is very popular with Made to measure and Bespoke Curtain Pole makers.

Wooden Curtain Poles and available in various lengths and widths.

Where do we start

Small Diameter Wooden Curtain Poles
A selection of 28mm Wooden curtain poles

Starting at 28mm diameter these tend to be pre packed entry level, in basic colours and finial designs.

35mm is the next common size, again available pre packed,

35mm Diameter is very popular with bespoke curtain pole makers, it is their entry level.

Larger Diameters

Large Diameter Wooden Curtain Poles
Large Diameter Wooden Curtain Poles

If you are looking for something a little larger, the next sizes that are very common as 45mm,47mm and 50mm.

With only slight differences in the sizes above, it tends to be the colour or the finial (end of the pole), making the difference.

Simple finial designs like the Ball, End Cap and recess brackets are made from wood.

Modern materials like as Resin, lots of manufactures are able to make very detailed finials.

With the thicker poles and using ASH, the pole lengths have increased, and we are now seeing poles up to 60ocm, this is made using two 300cm poles and a central joiner and bracket.

The beauty of wood is never ending, with traditional colour like Oak, Mahogany and many more featuring in the collections.

New trends have seen a revival in the painted curtain pole, and designer colours are common place

Paint manufactures like Little Greene and Farrow and ball are now commonly used, their colour palettes are never ending and always on trend.

Wooden poles are also very popular, they are strong and last for years, and grow old gracefully and never look out of place.

Helping you choose

With so many great manufactures, it very hard to pick one above the other, but we have tried separate a few categories and poles that may be what you want, please click on the links below.

35mm Stained curtain poles

Larger Diameter Painted Poles.

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