Curtain Pole Brands, Who do i Choose, Help!

Curtain Poles Brands available
Some of the Curtain pole Makers and Manufacturesrs we have on sale.

Curtain Pole & Track Brands, who are they, who’s the best, lots of questions that you may need to know

We have a large selection of brands available, and all have their own styles and quality.

To make it easy for some customers that do know the brands, we have selected the logo.

Simply name is not a choice, but selecting the Brand name can lead you to a specialist in what they do.

To help you a little, pleae see below, some of the names, and a brief on what they do.

Advent: Specialist in wood poles, huge variation of colours and designs, and a trusted supplier of ours.

Byron & Byron: Again a specialst Wooden Poles , but they have a vast catalogue of designes, with Ornate Pelmets.

Hallis : One of the largest manufactures, with ranges in both Metal and Wood, based on quality and choice, they have it all.

Swish: A trusted name, giving a massive choice of affordable options in Wood, Metal and Plastic tracks.

There are many more Brands out there, too many to list without being a little bring to read.

Use our Brands page to try and help reduce the massive choice available.

If you know the style you are looking for, we do have seperate departments.