Jones Cipolla Tieback & Trimmings

Jones Cipolla Tieback & Trimmings
Cippola Tieback & Trimmings

Cippola Tiebacks and Trimmings are the latest collection created by Jones Interiors.

The Cippola trimming has an hourglass shape with a sophisticated palette.

The elegant trimming puts a grown-up spin on the traditional pom pom fringe whilst still adding the element of fun.

This trimming can be used to decorate the bottom or sides of curtains, on the bottom of roman blinds, pelmets, curtain or round the edge of a cushion.


In the first place, the tiebacks are available in: Almond, Aqua, Blush, Jester, Linen, Meadow, Mineral and Viola.


In addition, the trimming is available in: Almond, Aqua, Blush, Dove, Jester, Linen, Meadow, Mineral and Viola.


Additionally, tiebacks are sold in singles. The trimming is sold in metres.

Equally important, bobble trims are not a toy and can contain components that could detach or break and become a hazard to small children.


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Additionally, for the final detail to your window display. Why not purchase one of these lovely tiebacks which is ideal to add the finishing touch?


At Jones you will discover artistry and performance.


Their inspired collections of fabrics, tiebacks, trimmings and curtain poles that look stunning in contemporary or period settings.


Customers are able to create beautiful, enduring pieces for their home by using tracks and blind systems.


Jones Interiors supply their ranges at a very high quality and supply them to thousands of retailers including ourselves, Just Sew Interiors. Their retailers are all based in the UK and even abroad.


This company has over 70 staff working in Nottingham.


With a diverse range of products together with skills in design, finishing and development, Jones Interiors has carved an international reputation.


Jones Interiors is a family business. The company has a bright future as Jones Interiors playing a significant part in its success.