Jones Tiffany Tiebacks & Swarovski Trimmings

The Jones Tiffany Tieback and Swarovski Trimmings and Buttons is a striking and glamorous collection. The tiebacks of brilliance adorned with the best quality Swarovski crystals.

The Swarovski trim can be used to decorate pelmets, blinds, lampshades,.

The buttons are perfect for the opulent deep buttoned headboards, furniture and pelmets.

Tiebacks and Trimmings:

Tiebacks are available in the colours: Black, White, Silver, Chocolate, Beige, DuckĀ  v Egg Blue, Berry, Purple, Atlantis, Cerise, Chartreuse, Tangerine, Linen and Slate.

Key Tassels are available in the colours; Black, White, Atlantis, Cerise, Chartreuse, Tangerine, Linen, Slate, Berry, Beige, Chalk Pink, Chocolate, Duck Egg Blue, Silver, Purple and Midnight.

The Swarovski trimming is available in the colours; Crystal Clear, Silver Shadow, Crystal, Yellow Gold and Black.

The Swarovski buttons are available in the colours; Crystal Clear and Black.