Kai Aravalli Fabric Collection


Aravalli is inspired by the elegant imagery displayed in the Chinoiserie decorative arts.

Aravalli combines stunning imagery with innovative applications to create a collection full of visually exciting fabrics.

Aravalli has delicate embroidered cranes that sit perfectly with the stunning printed and graphic cut velvets, while the crushed sheer and embroidered jacquards add depth to this range.

Aravalli has shimmering highlights of metallic tones that filter through the designs adding a rich and luxurious touch.

The designs available are:

Demoiselle, Dinaric, Pirin, Pyrenees, Rila and Sudetes.

The colours available are:

Copper, Eucalyptus, Gold, Midnight, Mole, Pearl, Silver and Smoke.

For further information please call us on 01915849002 or email sales@justpoles.com