Prestigious Textiles Islington Fabric Collection

Islington is a dimout fabric with a stunning satin finish.

Islington is also inherently FR flame retarded and has been specifically designed to meet the technical requirements of the contract sector.

The designs available are:

Islington and Islington Wide.

The colours available are:

Amethyst, Apple, Black, Bottle, Brown, Claret, Cobalt, Cream, Dark Blue, Denim, Espresso, Fern, Gold, Grape, Graphite, Grey, Hessian, Ink Blue, Jute, Lavender, Lipstick, Melon, Natural, Orange, Peacock, Pewter, Purple-Blue, Royal, Ruby, Russet, Sandlewood, Scarlet, Storm, Tarragon, Teal, Vanilla and White.

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