Voyage Wilderness Fabrics

Wilderness is inspired by heritage, the collection perfectly captures the spirit of the great outdoors
Voyage Wilderness Fabrics


Wilderness is inspired by our heritage.

Of course, the collection perfectly captures the spirit of the great outdoors.

The harmonious colour palette reflects the British Season focusing on tonal changes in the panorama throughout the year.

Digitally printed, it features inky watercolour blends and generous washes of colour in multiple shade, perfectly highlighting Voyage’s signature artistic style.

Bold linear compositions reflect the dramatic landscape which surrounds us, including the hidden secrets this breath-taking scenery has to offer.

This collection is certain to appeal to a spectrum of interiors particularly those with tranquil naturalistic styling.

This fabric is suitable for curtains, cushions and roman blinds.

Discounts are available on full rolls of fabric.

If you are unsure of colour or texture please request a sample.


Firstly, Jedburgh is a subtle plain fabric that uses slubbed yarns with a soft colour palette.

Secondly, Blackberry Row is a printed fabric that has majestic pheasants nestled amongst the warm Autumnal splendour of rich berries and bracken.

Thirdly, Caledonian Forest is a printed fabric with a fabulous forest design with silhouette detailing that adds depth and character to this charming composition.

Next, Chaffinch is a printed fabric with a playful Chaffinch design with lovely detailing.

Cirsiun is an impressive all over thistle pattern design with a striking multi tonal colour palette.

After that, Fuchsia Flight is a printed fabric with graceful hummingbirds that dart amongst the blooming fuchsia in this pretty secret garden design.

Heather Moors is a printed fabric with a landscape painted with brush strokes.

Another design, Jack Rabbit is a printed fabric that has playful rabbits that hide in amongst the grasses and thistles.

Rothesay has a flowing all over design including multiple birds, berries, see heads and grasses.

Russet Shores is a printed fabric that has a vibrant scenery of mountains and wilderness that captures the essence of the countryside.

Lastly, Wilderness is has a stunning design encapsulating the mesmerising features of the Highlands.

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