Wemyss Enya Fabric Collection


Enya is a beautiful chic cloth with a chintz finish that is available in a large palette of colours.

Enya is a versatile fabric that is washable and would be perfect for curtains, blinds and upholstery in any room.

The colours available are:

Aqua, Blue Surf, Boulder, Bright White, Brown Sugar, Cedar, Chateau Grey, Coral Gold, Dark Earth, Dew, Diamond, Feather Grey, Flint Stone, Fossil, Fudge, Golden Haze, Heather Rose, Light Gray, Metal, Mineral Gray, Moonstruck, Mosstone, Opal Blue, Oyster Gray, Palm, Paprika, Parchment, Pearl Blue, Porcelain, Sea Foam, Shadow Grey, Snow Drop, Taffy, Tigerlilly and Woodsmoke.

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