Wemyss Lexi Fabric Collection


Lexi is a collection of sumptuous contoured ripple effect plain fabrics that are suitable for upholstery and cushions.

Lexi has a huge palette of colours that range from Warm Sand to Purple Sage.

The colours available are:

Ash, Aubergine, Birch, Bluesteel, Boulder, Bright White, Chestnut, Chive, Dusk Blue, Feather Grey, Gleam, Green Bay, Ivory, Jet, Marzipan, Metal, Mineral Blue, Moon Mist, Ocean, Olive Branch, Palm, Pearl, Purple Sage, Putty, Red Rose, Rosewood, Sea Spray, Silver, Fern, Simply Taupe, Snowdrop, Sterling, Tigerlily, Warm Sand and Zinc.

For further information please call us on 01915849002 or email sales@justpoles.com