Wemyss Sintra Fabric Collection


Sintra is a collection of soft textured plain fabrics that provides a soft handle but is also hard wearing so it makes it perfect for curtains and upholstery.

Sintra is available in a huge array of shades and is machine washable.

The colours available are:

Aquamarine, Bluestone, Bright White, Brown Sugar, Cement, Cherry, Colonial Blue, Dark Earth, Dark Slate, Dune, Elm Green, Feather Grey, Garnet, Gray Green, Jet, Legion Blue, Mallard Blue, Moss Gray, Oatmeal, Palm, Parchment, Pine Bark, Poppy Red, Port, Putty, Red Rose, Rosewood, Seagrass, Shell, Silver Mink, Snowdrop, Sunset Gold, Sweet Pea, Teak, Tigerlilly, Vanilla, Walnut, Warm Sand, White Asparagus and Winter White.

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