The Corded Ashbridge 45mm Curtain Pole, Elegance and Simplicity

The Ashbridge Collection or curtain poles, available with curtain rings, or can be corded to help make easy opening and closing.
The Ashbridge

Ashbridge is a collection made with Ash wood, that has been specifically selected for these poles. It is finished in a way that allows the beauty of the grain to show through.

The natural beauty of Ash is enhanced by a choice of six colours, made from a paint and powder combination to deliver a lustrous finish that compliments both classic, and modern settings alike.

Ashbridge is a celebration of British heritage built on attention to detail, from the selection of wood used to the designs and colour finishes.

The six finial designs draw inspiration from stately homes & British gardens with influences including Neo-Classical Rococo & William Morris.

Combining these unique designs & finishes the collection brings a modern-day twist to classically inspired designs.

While the most decorative finials are cast from a solid resin mould to deliver intricate detailing, the Chatsworth finial is carved from Solid Ash.

The finials available are:

Kew, Botanical, Claremont, Tatton, Seizincote and Chatsworth.

The colours available are:

Parchment White, Heritage Grey, Champagne Gold, Gold over White, Baroque Silver and Baroque Gold.

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