Hallis Opulent Curtain Tiebacks & Trimmings


Opulent is an exquisite collection of tiebacks and trimmings, which explores luxurious textures, rich colours and decadent detailing.

Exuding luxury, Opulent includes sculptural braids with geometric influences; the embroidered braid features a satin stitch chevron pattern which sashays along a tonal stripe ground, whiles the appliqued braid features a hexagonal design in lush velvet.

Lively ruches, fun pom poms and complementing tiebacks use specialist crinkle pleated yarns which add texture you can’t resist touching.

A choice of narrow braids, bead fringing, piping cords and a rope or tassel tieback completes the collection.

The colours available are:

Champagne, Gold, Silver, Rouge, Teal, Blush, Bisque and Indigo.

The products available are:

Tiebacks, Tiebands, Teardrop Bead Fringe, 6mm Cord, 6mm Flanged Cord, 5mm Velvet Flanged Cord, 30mm Scroll Braid, 18mm Herringbone Braid, 60mm Wide Embroidered Braid, 90mm Wide Applique Velvet Braid, 40mm Ruche, 50mm Pom Pom and 45mm Oval Ball.

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