Bay Window Eyelet Curtain Pole, Problem Solved !!

Neo Bay Window curtain poles, made for eyelets

This corner joint could be the answer to your prayers.

Neo curtain poles have just released a corner joint that can be used in bay windows that allow eyelet curtains to draw around the corners of the bay without interference of the bracket. This has been a problem for many years as the corners have always needed a support when using brackets therefore stopping the eyelets from passing round the corners.

Check out of website for more information.

These joints will allow EYELET curtains to be used on some bay windows, a problem that has caused so many problems over the years.

Check it out, and see the new range of components to make your dreams come true.

Available in 28mm Diameter and 35mm Diameter in four colourways, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Spun Brass and Black Nickel.

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