Curtain Fabric….So Many To Choose from….

Curtain Fabrics
A small collection of fabrics

With a vast array of Curtain fabric available, there are so many to choose from to complete your soft furnishings.

With modern techniques, colours and patterns have never been so intricate, delicate and vibrant.

All the major Brands have lots of collections, with something to suit every taste.

With simple plains on woven fabrics, to the semi plain fabric giving a twist on texture.

Prints have become very detailed due to modern techniques.

Fine embroidery fabrics have become very fashionable.

With good quality curtain fabric, some are suitable for upholstery.

Designer Brands such as Harlequin, Sanderson lead the way in new designs

Names such as Prestigious Textiles, Clarke & Clarke, Ashley Wilde,Bill Beaumont are favourites for value for money and fantastic choice.

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