Hooks- Which ones do i use????

Curtain Hook ypes, Metal and Plastic.
Some of the simple curtain hooks available.

There are so many varioations of Curtain Hooks on the market, some are specialist hooks for special curtain headings.

Most of the vast ammount of curtain hooks are perfect for most curtains, as the vast ammount of homes choose traditional Pencil Pleat, we will try to help in this blog to try and make it a bit more simple.

First thing we need to look at is the meterials that are used, some are Brass, some are Zinc and then we ahve the Plastic hook

The Brass,Zinc and the Brass coated Zinc are all metal hooks, and are our fitting teams favorite. These Hooks are strong, versitile and also seam to last for years without any issues. There are a few difrent ones on our website, the following are our personal favourites- Hallis Brass, Hallis Zinc and Speedy Zinc

The Plastic curtain hook is a domestic favorite and possibly the best know in every house, and the well deserve their popularity. made from UPVC, these hooks have increased in strenth and design in the last decade. The white colour is perfect for voilles and nets, as they pale away to insignicace againt the fabrics.

The Plastic Hook should do most jobs with ease, but if you think the curtains need that extra support, its always safer to go down the steel route, and this is what most contract fitters will use.

If your curtain has a tape on the rear, and they have pockets in the rear, you will be sure these hooks will work, see below

Types of curtain tape

If you are still unsure, please feel free to ask, we can help.