Curtain Pole Ideas For Bedrooms

If you’re looking for a simple curtain pole, then you might want to consider buying a standard wood or metal curtain pole

In a standard set ups they normally come in the following sizes: 150cm, 180cm 240cm,300cm and 360cm.

Supplied with rings at a standard of 10 rings per meter,

Poles normally come in one piece upto 180cm, above 180cm will be supplied in 2 pieces with a central bracket.

If you are unsure how to cut a pole, there are lots of Metal Extendable sets.

Extendable Curtain Poles
Telescopic and Extendable poles are the ideal solution when you prefer not to or do not have the ability to cut your curtain pole

Wood curtain poles are becoming more popular again, with lots of ON TREND colours

Choosing a 28mm upto 40mm diameter in wood fits fine in a bredroom

If choosing Metal we find 28mm is perfect for the standard home.

We have chosen a few example of standard poles that you may like at affordable prices.

Neo Curtain Poles– The Neo by hallis Hudson is a super choice, available in so many sizes and designs.

Neo Curtain Poles
Neo is an affordable range of simply minimal metal curtain poles and co-ordinated accessories reflecting the desire for sleek design in the modern home

Jones Shore Wood Curtain Poles– A 35mm range of modern earthy colours

35mm wood curtain poles in earthy Colours
Jones Shore 35mm Wood Curtain Pole Collection from Jones Interiors.

Seychelles Curtain Poles– With pastel colours in 40mm diameter

Jones Seychelles 40mm Handcrafted Wood Curtain Pole Collection from Jones Interiors
Jones Seychelles 40mm Wood Curtain Poles

Universal – Universal have been making cost effective set for years, they cater for metal and wood.

a superb collection of wood and metal curtain poles,
a superb collection of wood and metal curtain poles, all available in popular and modern colour finishes.

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