Prestigious Textiles

Prestigious Textiles has been a trusted fabric brand Since its foundation by Trevor Helliwell in 1988

Prestigious Textiles has earned an outstanding reputation for the originality and quality of its furnishing fabrics and wallpapers.

With Group headquarters an impressive 75,000 ft2 complex in Bradford, West Yorkshire. 

Using a wide range of cloth types such as Cotton, Velvet, nylon mixes to produce quality fabrics

A huge range of colours and patterns, so you can choose something that matches your decor perfectly.

Sourcing premium fabrics from some of the finest mills around the globe.

These mills produce high quality products with consistent color and texture. .

Some of the Fabrics produced a very strong fabrics, that can be used as upholstery in high traffic areas.

We offer a wide variety of colors and patterns so you can find exactly what you need.

Many of the fabrics come in contrasting collections

Wallpapers are also available in some of the collections

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